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Engineering and Management Services

Confidential Advanced Planning

  • Assist the customer in determining sourcing of product, based on overall corporate needs
  • Program timing schedules
  • Cost reduction ideas
  • New manufacturing concept development
  • Alternative studies/ideas
  • Analysis of production requirements
  • Plans for future flexibility
  • Cost estimating
  • Establish direct labor requirements
  • Determination of material handling types to meet production needs
  • Coordinate layout with client expectations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Management presentations
  • Establish variable cost expectations

Program Layouts

  • Layout coordination for building, tools, facilities and services
  • Field check layout
  • Update program costs
  • Determine line lengths, speeds and cycle times
  • Clearance studies
  • Develop carrier envelopes
  • Coordinate layout with client expectations
  • Establish system balance and workability
  • Simulation
  • Establish design criteria for building, tools, facilities and service
  • Determine reuse of existing equipment
  • Establish quality control systems
  • Ergonomics design considerations

Feasibility Studies

  • Determine scope of work
  • Develop base layout
  • Coordinate and obtain facts from various input groups
  • Determine facility requirements
  • Develop alternate ideas
  • Estimate cost
  • Develop timing and installation schedule
  • Field check
  • Management presentation

Bid Packages And Specifications

  • Review workability of customer layout
  • Develop mechanical and electrical requirements
  • Cross sectional bid layouts and drawings
  • Prepare specifications defining the scope of work, equipment to be purchased, bidding procedures and related standard specifications
  • Field check existing conditions
  • Review program cost estimates
  • Provide and present bid documents to various contractors
  • Issue necessary addendum during the bidding period
  • Approval of contractor drawings
  • Bid analysis of contractor bids

Detail Conveyor Design

  • Field check existing conditions
  • Prepare advanced bill of materials for all purchased equipment and materials
  • Prepare all detailed shop drawings for fabrication
  • Prepare field removal and installation drawings
  • Prepare record drawings for "as built" conditions
  • Prepare maintenance manuals for all equipment
  • Provide field installation engineer

Computer Services

  • Computer chain pull analysis
  • Simulation
  • Scheduling

Technical Services

  • Structural design and analysis

Management Services Program Management

  • Cost estimating
  • Detailed project reporting
  • Monitor and coordinate design
  • Value engineering studies
  • Network scheduling
  • Pre-qualify vendors and contractors
  • Bid preparation, evaluation and award
  • Evaluate contractors proposed alternates
  • Coordinate installation and construction contracts
  • Administer and control change orders
  • Review contractor claims
  • Approve contractor invoices
  • Coordinate and develop punch lists
  • Coordinate final de-bug and start-up
  • Assist in final owner buy-off

Field Coordination and Engineering

  • Meet time schedules for engineering, procurement, installation and removals
  • Follow change order procedures and coordinate activities with customer's purchasing department
  • Follow pre-job meetings and project agreements and local skilled trade unions
  • Establish weekly coordination meetings with all general and subcontractors
  • Develop buy off or punch-list requirements for general or subcontractors and assure compliance by third parties
  • Coordinate engineering and installation with plant personnel, launch director and project leaders
  • Establish and coordinate the functions of the field engineering team
  • Confirm, schedule and coordinate deliveries to plant site assuring minimal disruption to the  customer's production
  • Meet tool tryouts and certification schedules
  • Oversee tool installation to meet vendor and customer specifications
  • Coordinate and resolve problems related to bid specifications and drawings
  • Evaluate third party contractor bids for field installation of vendor supplied tools
  • Schedule removal of existing equipment to customer's storage facility or vendor's shop